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Get fast emergency electrical services with our network of experienced and responsive electricians. When your power goes out, we’re here for you.

Emergency Electricians 24/7 On Demand

No Power

Highly experienced electricians will work hard to restore your power and turn the lights back on. Call the experts to fix your power outage quickly.

Electrical Smells

Electrical fumes are dangerous to your family. Our expert electricians will diagnose and repair the electrical problem to make your family safe.


Call professional electricians to repair electrical panels, damaged circuits and old faulty wiring, in order to protect your electronics, your home, and your family from dangerous power surges.

Warm Outlets

Hot outlets can start electrical fires. Your electrical cables could be exposed to flammable materials. Call a 24/7 electrician to quickly repair those lines before they start a fire.

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Expert Emergency Electricians

At Work Best Electric, we do realize that you don’t know when an electrical emergency might occur, and that it could halt your normal business operations, or create an unsafe situation in your home or business premises. We know that when such problems arise, you want to work with an effective, professional service that can offer a quick fix to the problem.

Our prompt and professional electricians are on call 24/7 to handle any electrical emergency. We only employ the best of personnel and use modern equipment to offer you high quality services, and keep your property safe.

Commercial Emergency Electricians

Industrial property managers, office and rental building managers, plus condo or multi-unit HOA managers appreciate the value of having Work Best Electric at their service, ready to respond to any electrical emergency 24/7.

24/7 Emergency Electrical Services

You can rely on us to provide you with an electrical service for a variety of electrical problems.

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  3. 24/7 Electrical Services
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  5. 24 Hour Emergency Electricians

Whether an electrical emergency occurs at a commercial, residential, or industrial location, we can provide you with a prompt response, and hassle free installations and repairs for issues such as:

  • Tripping circuit breakers and panels issues
  • Power outage
  • Faulty or flickering lighting system
  • Furnace shut down
  • Exposed or cracked service wire
  • Blowing fuses and short circuits
  • Malfunctioning outside lights
  • Plus other electrical issues

Do I Need an Emergency Electrician?

If you are not sure if an issue is an emergency, take it this way; if the issue is causing you problems around your home or business, then you need a prompt and professional service. Still not sure if the problem you have is an emergency or if it should wait till the next day? Well, we have staff at our various dispatch offices that can guide you on the nature of the problem, and our pricing to help you decide if it’s urgent, or if you would rather make an appointment for a regular repair.

Nonetheless, independent of the situation, you can rely on our professional workmanship to fix the problem, and restore your electrical system in a way that you have a safe, comfortable environment in your home, office, or industrial premises.

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Our Emergency Electricians are Always ready for Your Call

Our 24/7 emergency electricians are standing by at our dispatch offices, we are ready to respond to your emergency at any time of the day and night. We usually call our clients before we come, so that they are aware of the approximate time when our electricians will arrive. Your safety is our primary concern. In this case there will always be a qualified electrician ready to assist you. Once they receive your call, our electrician will work with you to determine the cause and severity of the problem.

We have 24-hour licensed electricians, who will come at your location with a stocked truck, bucket truck, or scissor and aerial lift truck to allow them to handle even the hard-to-reach emergencies. They use their knowledge and expertise to provide you with a quick fix. We make it our duty to give them access to a wide range of information, so that it’s always available when they need it. All this is to ensure an effective and reasonably priced solution to any electrical emergency.

Electrical Maintenance Program

We also have an electrical maintenance program that essentially helps to reduce emergencies in various buildings. What we do is reviewing your current configurations of your electrical system, right from the service wire to outlets and identify before they occur. In addition, we establish an emergency backup plan, so that we make sure that you won’t lose your productivity, data, or even tenants in your building just because of system failure or electrical emergencies.

Immediate Electrical Emergency Response

At Work Best Electric, we believe in providing you with convenient, worry-free emergency services. Our 24/7 emergency electricians have been in the industry for many years now, and even if you have been stressed by chronic electrical problems and emergencies, we are used to such types of problems, and we can provide you with a lasting solution. It’s our duty to provide you with a prompt response, and helpful service when you need it most.

Our rates are very competitive, and our quick response times give us a competitive advantage over our competition. Don’t forget that our work usually comes with a one year warranty. Why not give us a try today?

24 Hour Emergency Electricians

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    FAQs to Help You Understand Emergency Electrician Call Out Fee and Services

    So the power goes off unexpectedly or you see sparks coming from an outlet or you enter a room and smell that alarming odor. Obviously, you have an electrical emergency on your hands, and, understandably, you’re more than a little concerned.

    To make matters even worse, such a scenario often occurs late at night when you return home after a long day or on a Sunday afternoon – that is, long after most businesses are closed. And you also know that an electrical emergency is not a DIY project owing to the danger involved (e.g., electrical shock, electrocution, and fire hazard), the expertise required, and the municipal code requirements to be met. But most electricians are willing and equipped to respond to your emergency situation. They will, however, charge a call out fee in addition to the standard hourly rate. Let’s see, then, how much an emergency electrician costs, as well as what the emergency electrician call out fee is.

    What Can an Emergency Electrician Do for Me?

    First of all, besides keeping your lights on and appliances working when you really need them, an emergency electrician can also keep you safe. Often, emergency issues involve shorts or faulty wiring or similar problems that can present a definite fire hazard. Let’s take a look then at some of the most common problems that necessitate calling an electrician and their costs. Keep in mind that the prices and fees here don’t include the emergency electrician call out fee.

    What Is an Emergency Electrician Call Out Fee?

    Why not just choose a company that advertises no call out fee? The answer to that question comes in two parts. First, charging a call out fee – and, remember, this is for immediate, emergency, often after-hours service – is the industry standard for trade professionals, especially those like electricians and plumbers who have extensive training. And, second, if a company doesn’t charge an emergency call out fee, beware. They often charge more per hour to make up for the lack of a call out fee.

    Call out fees for emergency electrical situations generally start at around $75 – even if it turns out that you don’t need any emergency electrical repair after all. The call out fee for urgent, after-hours emergencies can run up to double the standard call out fee, sometimes running as high as $200+. This call out fee is a way for your electrician to recover expenses for traveling time, gas, time away from family or other jobs, and wear and tear on the work vehicle. You should also be aware that the fee is usually a no-show fee as well. So if for some reason you have to leave and can’t make the emergency appointment, you will still be billed for the call out fee.

    A business or sole proprietor who is willing to cut corners in order to shave costs should send up red flags. The call out fee is standard in the electrical industry, especially for emergency calls. So if an electrician is too ready to waive the call out fee, that could very well indicate a lack of professionalism, which could mean shoddy or sub-par work.

    Again, then, it’s in your best interests to call on the services of a qualified local electrician who will spend less time traveling and so will probably charge a lower call out fee. Also, be sure to check out the company’s or electrician’s qualifications and reputation. When you call an electrician for an emergency issue, you want one who you know has the necessary knowledge and experience and who will show up in a truck well stocked with all the possibly necessary spare parts – for a quicker fix and a lower total bill.

    How Much Does an Emergency Electrician Cost?

    Licensed electricians generally charge around $50 to $100 per hour, usually with a minimum charge regardless of how little time time the emergency issue takes. The average cost for most jobs ranges from $150 to $500, but usually coming in at about $315.

    This hourly rate doesn’t include the call out fee or the costs of parts and supplies. And you should also be aware that there are, in fact, two different hourly rates rolled up into what you will be charged. These are the rate the electrician charges for his labor, what he actually gets paid, and the rate at which you are billed. The latter rate has to cover various overhead expenses like travel, tools, supplies, and insurance. If you ask, you can usually get a detailed line-item bill that reflects all the costs that go into the final full rate.

    Factors Impacting Emergency Electrician Cost and Call Out Fee

    You will have to take into account several variables that bear on the cost of an emergency electrician. These include:

    1. Travel distance – The final bill and sometimes the hourly rate – and, of course, the emergency electrician call out fee – will be to some degree determined by how far the electrician has to travel to get to your home or business. In most cases you will fare better financially if you call a qualified local electrician.
    2. Licensing level – The hourly rate also depends in large part on the licensing level of the responding electrician. Licensing grades for electricians are apprentice, journeyman, and master, each requiring more extensive training, knowledge, testing, and experience. So a master electrician will likely bill at a higher hourly rate than a journeyman.
    3. Accessibility and extent of project – Some emergency electrical projects are just easier to get to and so much quicker to take care of. Although you’ll likely have to pay the minimum charge for a project that takes just a few minutes, the total hourly billing will be much lower than for an inaccessible, complex problem like having to rewire a whole circuit.

    Further Reasons for Cost Variations

    Costs for emergency electrical work also vary by state and locale, depending on regulatory/code burdens, licensing costs, tax rates, and insurance requirements. For example, in large metropolitan areas hourly rates will be on the high side, usually at least $100 per hour. In smaller towns and rural areas, rates will likely be closer to $50 per hour.

    Although most electricians are licensed and have the expertise to to both, they usually charge different rates for residential and commercial electrical services. For there is often a big difference in the code requirements, as well as in the scale and complexity of the projects. In most cases, electricians charge about 25% more for commercial work.

    Further – and this is closely tied to the emergency electrician call out fee – emergency and after-hours electrical service usually come in at a higher rate. And very often it’s owing to both the urgency and the attendant fire hazard. You can generally expect to be billed at 1.5X to 2X the standard non-emergency rate plus the trip charge (or call out fee) of anywhere from $75 to $200. But when sparks and smoke come out of the back of an appliance or the heater won’t kick on in the dead of winter, most people consider the cost of an emergency electrician worth every penny.

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    Faulty outlets and switches

    Although outlets and switches are small and inexpensive electrical components, they can present big problems and sometimes dangers. On average, getting an outlet or switch replaced will cost in the area of $150 to $200. But when you ask “How much does an emergency electrician cost?” don’t base the worth of the emergency project on the size alone. Shorts in outlets have been the cause of many home fires.

    Faulty/dangerous wiring

    Faulty wiring is one of the top causes, even in newer homes, of house fires. If, then, you notice mysteriously flickering lights or detect that unmistakable odor of electrical wiring insulation getting too hot, forget the emergency electrician call out fee and the hourly rate of an emergency electrician and make that call.

    The problem may be something small and easily fixed, or it may require some significant rewiring, which can be fairly costly, but is necessary nonetheless. The Romex wiring runs about $6 per linear foot, and in most cases your electrician will have to pull the new wiring into the walls through the attic, so there will be a fair amount of labor involved. You’re probably looking at a minimum of $1,200 – but that’s much cheaper than a fire.

    Bad light fixtures

    No one gives a thought to light fixtures . . . till they don’t work. Then it could be a bad bulb, a faulty switch, or something much more severe. Electrical shorts and the attendant fire hazards can occur even in quality light fixtures. Depending on the type of fixture and its accessibility, replacing a fixture can cost from $70 to $750+.

    An inexpensive fixture will be about $20 and require only an hour’s labor to install. But the replacement cost for something like recessed lighting will be around $160 to $350 per light. And then, of course, there will be the emergency call out fee on top of that. But why take a chance by ignoring the problem or attempting the repair yourself?

    Breaker problems

    Even new homes can have breaker problems, and they are nothing ignore. A faulty breaker that doesn’t trip properly when there’s an electrical overload can be the source of a fire, so don’t delay calling an emergency electrician when you notice breaker problems. Breakers cost about $30 to $60 each, and replacing one or a few will take your electrician about an hour, for a total cost of $100 to $160. Replacing the entire electrical panel, of course, will cost substantially more, somewhere between $500 and $1,600.

    Wonky generators

    In some areas of the country, where winters are severe and summers are brutal, people depend on back-up generators. And when the power goes off or the central air unit can’t keep up and the generator won’t work, these people have a genuine electrical emergency situation on their hands.

    In most cases, generator repair (and this doesn’t include the emergency electrician call out fee) runs only about $250. If, however, your generator is completely shot, installing a new one will set you back anywhere from $1,000 to $6,000, averaging around $3,500.


    Uncooperative attic fans and ceiling fans

    Uncooperative attic fans and ceiling fans wouldn’t seem to constitute much of an emergency. But in some areas of the country, people rely on these for summertime comfort rather than air conditioners. And when these don’t work during the peak periods of summer, that’s an emergency.

    Emergency repair work on an attic fan or ceiling fan usually takes only about an hour’s worth of billing. (Just don’t forget to add in the emergency electrician call out fee when estimating your cost to restore comfort.) When it comes to replacement, though, the ceiling fan will cost about $250 and the attic fan around $550

    Common Emergency Electrical Issues and Costs

    Are Emergency Electrical Problems Really That Serious?

    Short answer: yes, they are. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI):

    • Approximately 51,000 home electrical fires occur every year.
    • Yearly, there are 500 deaths, 1,400 injuries, and $1.3 billion in property damage as a result of home electrical fires.
    • Arcing faults are responsible for 28,000+ home fires yearly in the US.
    • Faulty electrical outlets are involved in 5,300 fires every year.

    No power, electrical smells, sparks, and warm outlets are the telltale signs of a genuine electrical emergency – an emergency that demands immediate attention. So the ESFI recommends having “your home electrical system thoroughly inspected by qualified electricians to ensure that all electrical work in the home meets the safety provisions” and to ensure proper functioning. Such an inspection could be done in conjunction with your next emergency electrician visit.

    Where Do I Turn When I Need an Emergency Electrician?

    An emergency electrical problem is nothing to take lightly. Besides disrupting home life or bringing business operations to halt, such a problem can also be clearly dangerous. The emergency electrician call out fee you’ll have to pay, then, is absolutely worth it for the peace of mind it will give you. So when you do encounter an electrical emergency, call the experienced electricians on call 24/7 at Work Best Electric.

    Don’t take a chance. We can help you prevent an emergency electrical problem from escalating into a life-threatening emergency. To be connected with a qualified local electrician, contact us now.

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