Today’s electronic sign boards almost seem like something out of yesterday’s science fiction or fantasy movies. But just what is digital signage? You may have been attracted to one of these computerized advertising displays when you visited a local shopping mall, theater, park, or similar public place. These digital signs can display just about any type of media that can be displayed within a traditional web browser. This includes text, graphics, videos, and even feeds from popular social media networks.

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The additional benefit of electronic signage over regular Internet advertising is that these signs can be placed in just the right location to catch consumers at a very late stage in the buyer’s journey. With touch screens or feeds from social media, they can even create an interactive experience for your target audience. Because of this, they can get designed for a great variety of solutions.

What is Digital Signage? What are Digital Signs?

A digital sign board consist of a high-resolution display monitor, a computerized device that usually also has Internet access, and software to manage content. Because some of these electronic boards seem so high tech, they might also appear difficult to understand. Actually, they are quite simple. This software is called a content management system, or CMS.

The computerized device may be hooked to the monitor with something as simple as the type of HDMI cable that you can use to hook your own laptop up to your home TV. Of course, commercial electronic display equipment is usually much more robust than the kind of electronics and accessories that you buy to use in your house.

Why Are Businesses Turning to Electronic Signs?

Computerized signs offer many advantages when compare to both print and traditional Internet advertising. This is mostly because they have been demonstrated to do a good job of attracting attention. As a side benefit, they are very easy to maintain.

Why should you consider an electronic sign if you already advertise online? While many web users are starting to see ads on their searches, favorite websites, and social media pages as spam, they aren’t likely to regard electronic boards the same way when they find them in shopping malls, their favorite stores, or even outdoors. In fact, in one recent study, 63 percent of consumers said that digital signs attracted their attention. Most marketers know that their ads don’t usually perform that well.

Why chose an electronic board over a paper one? When compared to posters or cardboard signs, electronic signs win because they can display dynamic content that is very easy to change. In fact, all content can be managed from a remote location, so there is no need to travel to the sign to change it. Furthermore, the sign’s manager can control the display on thousands of these signs from the same console. Finally, you won’t be wasting paper because everything gets displayed online.

Are Electronic Signs Effective?

More important than “what is digital signage” — are electronic signs actually effective? These dynamic and attention-getting electronic billboards are attracting attention away from other marketing channels. They can be used to provide information, advertise sales, and even entertain. Companies and other organizations are discovering hundreds of uses for dynamic signs, and you are bound to figure out some for yourself.